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About Liz Hutchinson

Liz Hutchinson began her dance training in Seattle at the age of 3, studying ballet, modern and contemporary dance, contact improv, and many other styles. She received her BA in Dance and BS in Math from the University of Washington and has since focused on Argentine tango. Her 30+ years of dance experience, knowledge of anatomy, and geometer's brain have strongly informed and shaped her into a unique and powerful tango dancer.


Liz begain teaching tango in 2011 in Seattle. She has since taught workshops, performed, and DJ'd around the US, Europe, and Argentina. From 2017-2019 she managed and taught classes at Rose City Tango Academy in Portland, OR. In 2019, she relocated to Los Angeles and began teaching with LA Tango Academy.

Liz's classes focus on fine-tuning and perfecting the fundamental movements of tango and the subtleties of communication and connection. The goal is to create anatomically sound movement and a connected and organized partnership, which opens up the possibilities for more complex and better feeling improvisation. Her friendly and analytical approach, paired with the rigor of her sometimes intense dance training style, make her an asset in the tango classroom.

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